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The Tax Shift: North Carolinians speak about the tax changes and what that means for their quality of life

State legislative leaders said tax plan changes were supposed to help most North Carolinians, while groups like the N.C. Budget and Tax Center cast skepticism at those claims, predicting that the average North Carolinians would see their share of the tax burden increase as the richest in the state enjoyed tax breaks. So what happened in your household? Did you see your state income taxes go up or down this year? How did it affect your family finances? Was the change worth the broader impact on your community and public services? Tell us what you think.

We want to hear from North Carolinians filing their taxes or preparing taxes for others about how the tax plan has impacted tax filings as well as their broader quality of life, their communities and public services. Share your story using the submission form below. If you have photos, videos or other media you would like to include, please email them to Julia Hawes at [email protected].

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