One person’s trash is cash for another

One person’s trash is cash for another

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Rick Martinez, Correspondent

It’s time to pull the sanctimonious green shroud off environmentalists and recognize them for exactly who they are – fear-mongering economic saboteurs.

Their latest scam is a needless 18-month moratorium being shepherded through the General Assembly so the state can "study" the effects of so-called mega-landfills.

Here’s the problem. Moratoriums are nothing more than a costly stall tactic. No amount of research will persuade opponents that modern landfills are environmentally friendly any more than a moratorium will convince death penalty adversaries that executions are fairly administered.

The real purpose of a moratorium is to give opponents time to raise money and gin up support with intellectually hollow slogans such as "Let’s not make North Carolina a dumping ground for Yankee trash."

In the meantime, the people most hurt by this silliness are those who can afford it the least – the residents of the state’s rural communities. (more…)