One of the jobless seeks help from Berger

One of the jobless seeks help from Berger

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Danielle Gordon, 36, a New Hanover County resident and human resources professional, found herself out of work in 2009. She first wrote N.C. Policy Watch on May 10, when she said she had $49 left to her name and no money to pay rent, food or her other necessities without the extended unemployment benefits that have been held up in the state legislature.

She sent a letter to state Sen. President Pro-Tem Phil Berger Jr. today, asking him for advice about what she should do. She agreed to share the letter with N.C. Policy Watch, and here it is, unedited other than a few slight grammatical fixes.

Mr. Berger,

I am completely out of energy fighting the battle to reinstate extended benefits. I don’t think my efforts calling representatives, emailing or speaking to the governor’s office has helped turn the table in my favor.

I am a lifelong Republican and voted in my district for [Reps.] McComas, Justice and [Sen. ] Goolsby. Those are the same people under your leadership that refuse to help me also.

April 16th I was one of the lucky ones. I had time and some savings to wait out a political debate. Now, sadly, I don’t. My car will be repossessed on June 3rd. I could try to move home to live with my parents 340 miles away but without money for gas and NO car that’s simply not an option. So as it stands now, I will also be homeless. Someone advised me to apply for food stamps yesterday… imagine earning six figures for 10 years and after being laid off in July 2009, almost two years later… APPLYING FOR FOOD STAMPS.

I have been a recruiter for 16 years, helping non-exempt, exempt and even executives land jobs. I KNOW how to find a job. I relocated for 11 months to RTP from Wilmington and was not successful in finding a job. BUT…I’ve interviewed four times in this small town of Wilmington in the past three weeks. Each employer has indicated they aren’t hiring until mid-June – when their budget kicks in… so it seems again, I am without compensation because of a “budget shortfall.”

I ask for your advice because only contradictions have been spoken by Republican leadership. Do you suggest I lobby to Democrats to push for an override? You said two weeks ago an override was not on your list of priorities. Do I push republicans, 9 of them in fact, to sign a discharge petition? But no… you’ve instructed them adamantly not to do so… do I ask you or someone from your office to contact my potential employers and ask them to hire me ASAP because I am out of money and in need of immediate compensation because you are unwilling to find compassion and reinstate EB?

Please help me HELP myself out of this mess. I can’t wait for another week. I can’t wait two more days. My time is up…. PLEASE HELP.

Kind regards,


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