Monday numbers

Monday numbers

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24 million—the number of people in the United States who would lose health care coverage by 2026 under the House Republican health care bill, the American Health Care Act, or AHCA (“State Reports: House Republican Health Plan Would Mean More Uninsured, Costlier Coverage,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, April 13, 2017)

134 million—number of people whose health coverage is threatened by proposals to change the AHCA to remove protections for preexisting conditions (“Nothing has changed: Reviving GOP health care bill would mean more uninsured, costlier coverage in North Carolina, The Progressive Pulse April 13, 2017)

6 billion—amount in dollars that North Carolina lawmakers would have to raise in taxes or budget cuts in the next ten years to maintain the current Medicaid program under the AHCA (Ibid)

2 million—number of people in North Carolina who currently receive comprehensible, affordable health care coverage under the Medicaid program (Ibid)

42—percentage of children in North Carolina covered by Medicaid (Ibid)

21—percentage of seniors and people with disabilities in North Carolina who are covered by Medicaid (Ibid)

31—percentage that the number of seniors in North Carolina who are 85 or older will increase between 2025 and 2035 (Ibid)

5,921—amount in dollars that annual health care premiums on the federal marketplace would increase for the average North Carolinian under the AHCA (Ibid)

1,628—amount in dollars that the annual out-of-pocket health care costs, including deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, would increase under the AHCA (Ibid)

7,549—total amount in dollars of the increase in the cost of health care for people with coverage in North Carolina’s health insurance marketplace under the AHCA (Ibid)

14,531—amount in dollars of the annual increase in premiums under the AHCA for a 60-year-old in North Carolina who earns $22,000 a year because the proposal lets insurers charge older people much higher premiums and cuts older people’s tax credits the most (Ibid)

5,400—amount in dollars of the annual tax cut for the wealthiest two percent of taxpayers in North Carolina under the AHCA (Ibid)

11,540—amount in dollars of the annual tax cut for the wealthiest one percent of taxpayers in North Carolina under the AHCA (Ibid)

0—amount in dollars of the annual tax cut for low and middle income North Carolinians under the AHCA (Ibid)

2.6 million—total number of people in North Carolina with health care coverage under Medicaid or the federal marketplace at risk of losing it or facing big increases in premiums and out-of-pocket costs or cuts in benefits under the AHCA (Ibid)

4.1 million—number of North Carolinians with a pre-existing condition who could be denied coverage or charged unaffordable prices in the individual market under changes proposed to the AHCA (Ibid)

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