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GOP COVID relief bill fails to help people in need — here’s how

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In HB 1105, General Assembly leadership acknowledges that North Carolina families and communities face enormous hardships, but makes only token gestures to help people survive the COVID-19 pandemic

North Carolina can and should allocate the remaining federal COVID-19 relief funds to meet the pre-existing needs that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. However, the proposed appropriations in HB 1105 [2] fall far short of acknowledging the scale of current need, much less setting the state up for a strong, inclusive recovery. After months of inaction, the General Assembly continues to take half steps toward addressing a range of crises.

Years of underinvestment have left us playing catch-up during this public health and economic crisis. The Band-aids in HB 1105 would not be as necessary if we have been truly funding public services for years. It turns out that there are harsh consequences to cutting taxes for the rich and big corporations:

Alexandra Sirota is the Director of the N.C. Budget & Tax Center. Her colleagues Heba Atwa, Logan Harris, Suzy Khachaturyan , Patrick McHugh, Leila Pedersen, Mel Umbarger and Chanae Wilson ll contributed to this post.