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Lindsay Wagner, former Education Reporter for N.C. Policy Watch. Wagner now works as a Senior Writer and Researcher at the NC Public School Forum. She has also worked for the American Federation of Teachers in Washington, D.C., as a writer and researcher focusing on higher education issues and for the National Education Association, the U.S. Department of State's Fulbright program and the Brookings Institution and an Education Specialist at the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.
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Starving the schools

Barbara Dell Carter is not a social worker. Nor is she a nurse, psychotherapist, nutritionist or a special needs educator. Carter is a second grade teacher. But in today’s classrooms in North Carolina, she’s expected to take on ...
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Senate OKs bill that allows charter schools to get funds for services they may not provide

Senate lawmakers approved a bill Monday evening that would allow charter schools to receive more tax dollars and private grants than to which they are currently entitled—and some of that money could be for services that charter schools ...
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Bill sets up charter schools to receive funds for services they don’t provide

In a bid toward fairness, proponents of a bill that would funnel more tax and grant dollars to charter schools say that funds spent on each child’s public schooling should stay with that child— wherever she attends school. ...
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The top seven education issues in the state budget

Lawmakers have been making a lot of noise about how hard they’ve been working on a state budget that is more than two months overdue. Speaker Tim Moore tweeted Thursday that a framework for the final budget could ...
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State turnaround teams successful, yet legislators push controversial school takeover plan

Calling North Carolina’s school turnaround work “among the most ambitious in the nation,” Vanderbilt University researcher Gary Henry told members of the State Board of Education on Thursday that he’s found significant positive effects resulting from the state’s ...
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New policy eliminates daily student attendance reporting requirements for state’s new virtual charter schools

The North Carolina State Board of Education quietly approved a policy last month that could allow the state’s two brand new virtual charter schools to avoid recording and reporting daily student attendance, and stipulates that the virtual schools ...
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Fact checking Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on GOP education spending

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released a video last week portraying the GOP as defenders of public education who have used the past four years of Republican control of the state to pull education up from from the bottom of ...
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NC classrooms brace for teacher shortage

In some areas, unusual reports of elementary classrooms hardest hit Mirroring a national trend, some North Carolina classrooms are bracing for a teacher shortage next Monday, the first day of the traditional school year. “It’s a perfect storm,” ...
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Out of state money behind secret plan to fund charter takeover of NC’s worst performing schools

Extensive behind-the-scenes work to develop proposal Rep. Rob Bryan (R-Mecklenburg) may be the face of a plan to allow charter school operators to take over North Carolina’s worst performing schools, but he’s not the only Bryan with fingerprints ...
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Budget stalemate stymying schools’ efforts to get ready for another year

With a stopgap spending measure in place, some lawmakers believe efforts to get schools prepared for the new year are humming along as the General Assembly battles over a final two year budget plan—but what’s happening on the ...
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