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Women’s leader on Roe v. Wade at 43: We must not go back into the shadows

January 22 commemorated the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America. This decision, in the Texas case of Roe v. Wade, certainly did not introduce abortion to American women. Throughout America’s history, ...
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Want to reduce domestic violence? Then expand Medicaid

Speaking at a recent press event on North Carolina’s failure to expand Medicaid, I highlighted the fact that October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’m sure many were initially surprised to hear me make the connection between these ...
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Legislature, McCrory approve another late-session assault on reproductive freedom

While the recently-concluded session of the North Carolina General Assembly felt like it lasted forever, it was only about six months ago that a bill to make child support payments more efficient and effective passed through the House, ...
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NC women: Leading the fight against regressive policies

There has been much attention recently on the North Carolina General Assembly’s attempts to pass legislation (most notably Senate Bill 353) that would severely restrict access to abortion in the state. Much of that attention has focused on ...
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