Jobless Held Hostage

Jobless Held Hostage

Governor moves to restore jobless benefits, June 3, 2011
-Click here to see the full text of Executive Order 93

For 48 days GOP state legislators blocked up to 37,000 46,000 North Carolinians from unemployment benefits.
Elected officials are acting as if we created this situation. None of us nor our families deserve to be treated like this. It is humiliating, belittling, and terrifying, to say the least.
-Sonia Street, 43, of Charlotte. Laid off in July 2009 from an accounts payable position.
I am 60 and have worked since I was 14 ½. By the end of the week, I will be homeless, living on the street, with no money for rent or gas.
-G. Alan Elmore, of Hickory.
It’s tough on the people that can’t find jobs. It’s not that we don’t want to work, the jobs aren’t there.
-Frederick Nowack, 65, of Salisbury, former maintenance mechanic.
I lost my apartment already because I paid rent weekly and could not pay. I cannot buy diapers, clothes, or anything for my children.
-Patricia Brockington of Clayton, mother of four. Lost her job when pregnant with her 13-month old.
I have lost my home, car and my phone. I’ll be at the local shelter soon. How can those in power have so little care for people like me?
-Brad Brooks, 31, of Greenville. Laid off from software engineer job in 2009.
My electricity is scheduled to be shut off next week and my rent is already behind and another month is approaching.
-Tolisha Whitley, 30, a single mom of three in Dudley (Wayne County). She's been without the weekly $219 in extended benefits since April 16.
Now, to hear the Republicans in Raleigh, getting laid off was my entire fault and, at 62, I’m too lazy to find a job!
-Tommy Davis, 62, a Pembroke licensed general contractor. Has applied to 300-plus jobs.
I probably have about six months of savings left, and then I don’t know what will happen.
-Curtis Ross, 52, of Charlotte. Lost maintenance supervisor job in 2009, and cut off from extended benefits April 16.
I have no income coming in, and I can't afford gas to continue looking for a job.
-Tolisha Whitley, 30, a single mom of three in Dudley (Wayne County). She's been without the weekly $219 in extended benefits since April 16.


On April 16, 2011, 37,000 North Carolinians suddenly had their extended unemployment benefits cut off, leaving many with no income at all to live on. The reason? The unemployed workers were thrust in the middle of the state budget fight when GOP members attached a rider to a bill that would have made Gov. Bev Perdue agree to a deeply cut budget in exchange for letting the federally-funded benefits pass through to the 37,000 jobless. Perdue, a Democrat, vetoed the bill saying she would not bow to political ploys that put people’s livelihoods at risk. None of the benefits have been restored. The benefits were finally restored by Gov. Perdue on June 3, 2011 with Executive Order 93

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