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‘Must read’ report: The price of poverty in North Carolina’s juvenile justice system

A new 'must read' report from authors Gene Nichol and Heather Hunt of the North Carolina Poverty Research Fund at the UNC School of Law provides a powerful and damning examination of the ways in which poverty has become, in the words of one knowledgeable attorney, "the foundational principle of what's going on" in North Carolina's juvenile justice system.

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Stunning statistic shows how North Carolina is a national leader…in cruelty toward families in need

North Carolina legislators have provoked a lot of head-scratcher moments in recent years, but here’s one that has to be near the top of the list. Last week, state senators of both parties advanced a bill out of the Senate Health Care Committee that would allow parents on Medicaid, who temporarily lose custody of their kids, to keep their coverage so they can more easily get drug or mental health treatment. This makes obvious sense for numerous reasons.

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Hungry, with no end in sight

Sylvia Cameron skips more meals each week than she wants to recall. The 51-year-old Orange County woman makes half-hearted jokes about the missed meals – telling herself she could stand to lose a few pounds – but knows ...
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Why we must put a face on poverty

In North Carolina, our constitution promises that exercises of government power will be limited to those “instituted solely for the good of the whole.” This is a solemn moral covenant as well as a legal obligation. Too often, ...
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